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We know what it's like. You worked really hard to grow your business and you finally have a reliable stream of new business coming in and you've employed your first team members.

They were supposed to make your life easier, but you find you are working more hours than ever before. Everything revolves around you. You can't take a holiday or everything turns cactus. And your family are beginning to forget what you look like.

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One of the most common reasons for getting into business for yourself is to have the freedom to work the hours you choose. However, so many entrepreneurs find that they they are working 50, 60 even 70+ hours a week. They are exhausted and dread the beginning of a new week. Does that sound familiar?

There can be several reasons for this, and it can present itself in the form of inadequate People, Process and Systems, but at the core of the problem is usually the reliance on the business owner for just about everything.  If you were to step away from your business for two weeks, would everything start to fall apart? Could you take a month off? What about three?  Do you find yourself on the phone all day, every day answering your team’s questions and telling them what to do? Does it stop when you are on holiday or does your partner keep nagging you to get off the phone and spend time with them?

Here at SHARPEN IT, we have developed the Leverage Pathway in our business coaching program. We start with a simple Time Analysis Study to see what you spend your time on. From there we can start to map out a Path that will see you freed from those activities that you really shouldn’t be doing, and focusing on what is really important.

We want your business to scale without you being overwhelmed. That means you have to let go of quite a lot, and that means having confidence that someone else will be doing those activities at a level of competence that you are happy with.

The Leverage Pathway is exactly what you need to scale your business to give you the Freedom you are looking for.

Contact us today to get a free copy of our Time Analysis Study Worksheet and Instructions and get started today. If you find that useful, you’ll love our ebook “5 Steps for a 1hr Workweek for Business Owners on Holidays” -Click on the image below to get your copy

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It may be a terrible business model, but we feel our role is to help you grow your capability to the point where you don't need us any more.

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Testimonials - Melbourne Business Coaching and Mentoring Program
Testimonial - Melbourne Business Coaching and Mentoring Program

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